Bombay – photo’s


Bombay’s are solid black cats that have all the characteristics and temperament of  the Burmese breed.  They are genetically the nearest possible to a black Burmese. Described as miniature black panthers this beautiful cats have coats that shine like patent leather and big golden eyes. They are lap loving, affectionate, playful, friendly and loyal making them ideal family pets. 



Asian Cats – Photo’s


An Asian cat is a cat of Burmese type and temperament but not of Burmese colour or pattern, you could describe the Asian breed as a Burmese in a designer coat! The Asian group of cats has five varieties, Bombay, Burmilla, Smoke, Tabbies and Tiffanies. The breed has a real sense of fun and an outgoing nature as well as being gentle, devoted and loyal.